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I’m working on creating a Blogroll gallery and you're invited to submit your blog button. The links will be displayed in the galleries.
Details on how to submit your blog button(s) :

Blogroll categories for submissions:
1 interior/home décor
2 architecture
3 graphic/photographic
4 craft/DIY
5 fashion
6 lifestyle/food

- Your blog button should include your blog's name.
- Size: 108 pixels wide x 60 pixels high - 72dpi resolution as a maximum.
- Preferably in JPG only. No animations please.
- If you have more than one blog, please feel free to submit artwork for all of them.
- Please use "BLOG SUBMISSION" in your email title.
- A link on your own site back to Fantabulous Design is always appreciated.
- Email me with your blog button, blog URL, and specify the category. (click the envelope below to send me an email)

Note: Please understand that I would like to include everyone's blog but if your blog doesn't meet the submission requirements I may be unable to add you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Thank you so much!

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