From me to Mom

I have nothing but fond memories of my childhood, surrounded by my parents, siblings and my extended family. Now I live far away from them, I understand even more the value of close family ties and the joy that can bring.
Gift for MOM
My siblings and I grew up without designer labels and high-tech gadgets. Instead, we had boundaries, discipline and positive role models. I don’t claim our lives were perfect, but we all still love each other and that’s what matters.
Each year I make a card for my mother. I don’t buy one at a store; I want to make something personal so I always include photos of us doing things together. I could make a list of everything I love about her but it would be too long. I want to buy her gifts but they would not be enough to say thank you to the woman who has done more for me than anyone else in the world.
Happy Mother’s Day!


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shari said...

I always make my mom a card... she doesn't like store bought cards, anyway. (Waste of money!) So I make them. And as she's told me many times, it's what I write on the inside that makes her feel good. So that's what I concentrate on. Especially now that I live 3500 miles away from her.

I grew up like you did, though my mom & I were too much alike, so we fought a lot. We only got along after I moved out of the house at 18! I love her, though!!

Lovely post, Suki!

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Wow Shari, your story sounds like me ^_^ I fought with Mom too. It must be something between Mother and daughter. Ha ha.

Tesca said...

Hi Suki! I enjoyed your post. Your relationship to your family sounds great. It's so important to have a warm and supporting family. I have a very close relationship with my Mom and we do lots of fun things together when we meet. She means a lot to me!
Have a lovely week!
x. Tesca

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Hi Tesca, I agree, family support is make me feel so privilege. And we're lucky to have lovely Mom :)

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