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Baan Dinso (pronounced barn din saw) is an intimate nine-room boutique hostel in Bangkok decorated in 1950’s Thai style and featuring all the amenities of a hotel, including wireless internet access.

A two-storey house built with golden teak, Baan Dinso is estimated to have been constructed in the 1920s, when HM King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) was on Thailand's throne.
photo via :: www.baandinso.com/

Period details are everywhere.

photo via :: www.baandinso.com/
Breakfast is served every morning on the front porch next to the water wall.

I always enjoyed walking along Dinso Road late in the afternoon: traditional shops, cosy restaurants and intimate cafes conjure a time long past, when the pace of life was slower and people had time for one another. Across the road, a small park by the river ... people are juggling, some are jogging, dating … or just admiring the sunset over the Chaopraya River. Fond memories.

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