+ Betty™: colour for the hair down there

According to the company’s website, Betty contains “specially formulated colour dyes for the hair down there.” You can get your Betty in Blonde, Brown, Auburn and Black, as well as Malibu, Fun and Starburst.

It never occurred to me that matching hair might be important. Now, how about pink with a butterfly stencil?

At the very least it’s a brave attempt to break into an untapped market – I like the packaging design, the original thinking and the sense of fun it engenders.

An article in Advertising Age describes how Betty came to be: the creator, Nanci Jarecki, first had the idea while visiting a salon in Rome where she witnessed female customers being handed little brown bags, with “such delight,” as they left the salon. In those bags: dye to match their Bettys to their Wilmas. From there, the R&D began with a chat to a gynecologist, who reported that not one person had matching hair down there, and salon workers, who reported that customers were interested but had “sensitivity” concerns.
→ via http://www.colourlovers.com

Story Related Section of René Magritte’s The Eternally Obvious;

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