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A few months ago, Designboom, in partnership with Swarovski, launched a competition called ‘Crystal vision‘, calling on designers to incorporate crystal into their designs.

Second place winner ‘Sparkle’ contact lenses definitely won a place in my heart.
With Swarovski crystals fused into contact lenses, your eyes will sparkle like they’ve never sparkled before!

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First prize was taken out by a mouse.
Designed by a New Zealand team, this gorgeous computer accessory plays on the shape of the Swarovski logo.
The neck of the swan supports a crystal which is used as the scroll wheel, while the swan’s body supports the user’s hand and guides the fingers to the two buttons set alongside the crystal.
- -> "It’s lovely, but is it practical?"
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Third prize: Speaker-Light from Taiwan

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Here are some short-listed entries that I like ::

A bedside story by Michiel Knoppert
In the designer's own words:
Bedbugs is an led-bedside light. It's charged and activated by pushing a module down into a crystal tube. You set the time of the light by the amount of travel. After releasing it, the module starts creeping back to its original position. While making its way back, more and more light is being obscured by crystal bugs that swarm around the tube. Their shadows move down upon you as the light makes its way up, slowly filling the bedroom in eerie darkness.
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Lamp - noir reflets by : pelegrin gautier from France
In the designer's own words:
noir reflets Lamp Made of two identical dark cast crystal piece, this lamp was thought to produce a particular atmosphere during a diner, or a relaxing evening; completely dark and opaque during the day the lamp stay discreet and distinguish in any interiors, but during the night the lamp diffuse through all the intern facets a constellation of light points. The light can be diffused differently depending how the crystal pieces are disposed from each other as they are not fixed. The source of the light can be a classic light bulb or a candle when the two crystal pieces are opened. Using the crystal tint aurora borealis of the existing Swarovski Catalogue, the light color will stay warm and pleasant.
Dimensions: H240mmxW75mmxD75mm
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prapat jiwarangsan from Thailand
in the designer's own words:
Asian people often have a philosophy that soul is very important – a balance of mind and body. No matter how long the time passes by; if you have a peaceful and beautiful mind, it will reflect through your body gestures. My purpose is to introduce the power of nature hidden in a silent stone. However, I could sense the movable power in the nature too. I then convey the message of the movement of power as shown in the work using technique of glass blowing. The composition of shape and form is similar to the contour of landscape; mixing the feeling of claim, movement and relaxing like a peaceful Zen garden in Japanese style reflecting the eastern philosophy.
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check out more shortlisted entries and discover your favorite.

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