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The leading trends at 100% Design, UK reveal the spirit of inspired. These are my favorites.

This is basically a lemon squeezer with a silicon cap.
The focus of this design is to deal with lemons from which you only need a few drops.
Although we need a small amount of lemon juice, we cut the lemon and wrap up the other piece of lemon to prevent it to get dry.
Otherwise the lemon skin is good as a juice container, and this design encourages the natural function itself. It also helps people use it more intuitively.

Casting concrete
A unique 'Concrete Skin' technology, which allows surfaces
to be cast over a lightweight frame, minimising weight while preserving aesthetics and strength.

'600 Series' sinks with their clean lines and tone options represent the perfect fusion of natural stone and modern aesthetics.

The Concrete Edge table, available with a variety of base colours.

Boston curve bench

Boston curve bench

Summer bed

'Allium' Water Feature
An elegant and delicate water feature which was originally inspired by the allium bulb seed head. There are 98 stainless steel tubes and water flows from the 16 tubes on the equator of the central sphere. The base of the sculpture is made according to clients preference.

A light source surrounded by reflecting-diffusing components and the idea of the screening of the light itself by using opaque discs of moulded ABS and injection moulded aluminium rods. As a result, the finish is flawless and the assembly screw free.


Nataliapepe carpet

Rectangular handmade carpet, various modules in nautical chord intertwined with shellon, high resistance.

Nonna Pepa carpet
Nonna Pepa is a handmade carpet composed by pure wool flowers sewed on a felt base.
It exists in its multicolored, black/grey mélange, black or white versions, rectangular or circular.

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