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Going green doesn't have to be a grueling task. Helping the planet is actually pretty easy. Try taking your own reusable bags to the grocery store, taking shorter showers, making sure you recycle at home and at work, and buy organic products when possible.

One of many resolutions we can all undertake is to be more aware of the materials we use in our daily lives.

Today is Earth Day, so here are some products to get you in an eco-friendly state of mind.

A wonderful accessory to any outfit! Made from re-used T-shirt material, it can be worn as a choker, a bracelet, a head band, or anywhere else you can think to tie it.
Reversible bag for market shopping or grocery shopping, pick the side that best fits your mood and off you go!!
From Marang97

Eco-friendly instant charcoal packaging
Coals are ready to cook in 15-20 minutes.
By design-duo: Mike and Maaike

‘straw straw’ by yuki iida (japan) for Muji
A straw made from actual straw, mimicking the ancient practice of using straw to drink from.
The original meaning of the term "straw" was "wheat straw". Wall art depicting people using straws of wheat to drink from have been discovered from ancient Mesopotamian ruins. Straws of wheat are forms created by nature; they are materials that return to the soil. There's no waste in either the shape itself, or in its actual existence.

Trash pack for outdoors 
by Ken Sugimoto/Eri Sugimoto (USA)
for Muji
A trash bag that easily stands up by itself. By taking advantage of the triangular pack that originated in Sweden and has been used for years for serving milk for school lunches in Japan.

Custom made clouds
Flogos™ are shapes made out of bubbles that miraculously hold their form and float up through the air every few seconds. They are 100% safe and eco-friendly, and can be made into practically any logo or shape!
Flogos has done hundreds of events for clients such as Nintendo, Walt Disney World, the Sheraton, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the list goes on.

Reuseable shopping tote
You can go, and shop, anywhere with Bag the Habit’s signature tote.
It made with recycled polyester, also cushioned handles, which I found to be a super helpful and water-resistant finish.
It also completely folds up into a mini snap pouch. Or ball back up if you're me.

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