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Sarina Market never fails to delight. Held on the last Sunday of every month, it not only brings together the region’s market regulars, it also attracts those artistic souls for whom a month is only just long enough to prepare a new consignment of creations.

This month, I came across a selection of the most exquisite accessories from the The Feathered Nest. Imagine my surprise when I discover that Elaine, the creative force behind the brand and a dedicated blogger, lives just a mile or so down the road from me.

Sure, we both blog; we’re both members of the virtual community, but without the traditional community market to connect us, we might never have met.

So before you buy from the world, see what your local community has to offer. Sometimes the very thing you’re looking for is right under your nose.
Check out Elaine’s blog via her website at

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Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi Sukanya, thank you so much for mentioning me on your blog, I am honoured, & feel like its all so worth while, It's lovley to have meet you Elaine :)

Sukanya said...

Hi Elaine,
It's my pleasure. It's nice to meet you too.

KayEllen said...

Wonderful! You are correct!!! sweet Elaine is very talented:)and has beautiful treasure for sale!

So nice to meet you!


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