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Creativity is the art of possibility and the complexity of simplicity. Focus on ideas. Technique is easy to learn. Stay curious and be passionate. The constant flux and flow of the world of design keeps my creative energy pumping. Inspiration is everywhere.

Transparent Toaster
This is the ideal toaster for me. My current toaster gives me bread that’s either black or white. It has no in-betweens. Unfortunately still a work in progress, the transparent toaster from Inventable Concept Studio would solve my toasting issues at a stroke. Right now, they can’t get the inner layer of glass hot enough to toast the bread. I hope with some R&D, this concept can be brought to life.

Cute puppy mop

As a dog lover, I can’t help but love these cute puppy mops from Yang Jae-Won.
I would love one. These would bring a bit of fun to my mopping routine and wouldn't need taking for a walk.

Ordinary mould
This innovative cake tin creates a cake that looks ordinary … until you cut it and the cross-section is revealed! A heart in every slice. How romantic is that!

Gold dish
The Gold Bottom Dish is handmade with an uneven lip that looks gorgeous. Created in white earthenware, it is finished with a clear, gloss glaze on the inside, while the outside and rim are gilded with gold leaf and covered with a satin sealant to protect the precious metal.

The gold-leaf interiors of these papier-mâché bowls glow the way only gold can and look particularly beautiful in low light. These bowls have an organic, one-of-a-kind character and feel totally unique.

Lovely package

With a golden foil wrapping and beautiful patterns offset by simple labeling; this soap proves that attention to detail can make something ordinary into something extraordinary.

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sinnlighet said...

Yes yes yes, nu I have found your nice blog!

Agneta from Sweden

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi Sukanya, what great finds I love the heart cake mould its really nice amongs the other items too :)

sonia said...

I want the green puppy mop ^_^

Anonymous said...

it was such a nice post to put together – it put a smile on my face just thinking of all these little things!

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