Bladeless fan

Have you ever wanted to stick your fingers into a spinning fan?

Today I stuck not only my fingers but my whole hand into the Dyson Air Multiplier™. This new desk fan from Dyson has no blades and no safety grille simply because it doesn’t need any.

With no blades or grille, it’s easy to clean and also has touch-tilt, 90° oscillation and dimmer-switch power control. It’s a very cool design, simple, nice, sleek and edgy. I love it!
But – and it’s a big but – it’s around $300!
It blows air and hums just like a regular fan but it’s bladeless. I get it; it’s cool, but I’d rather pay $30 for a conventional one so I can talk into the spinning blades and make strange voices.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Dyson but it’s more of a hi-tech feature than a cost-effective alternative to a conventional fan.
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Exquisite Accessories said...

I want one its fab woudn't have to worry about my son putting his fingers in that what a great idear!! Dyson does it again :)

Sukanya said...

Exquisite Acc.
Glad to see you online again ^_^

Welcome Home said...

I know it's expensive but Mr Dyson is a genius. He finds issues that need to be solved with our appliances. The great thing is that it will eventually be able to afford it. Meanwhile i'm with I will stick with my $30 fan.

Sukanya said...

I agree with you Welcome Home. It's really a good start and great gadget. Looking forward to see the affordable one as well.

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