Al fresco lunch

My Sunday project last weekend was finding a suitable spot in our garden for a casual outdoor lunch with friends. We moved the table around the yard, sat down, thought about it, and moved again.
Eventually, we decided on a secluded spot at the side of the house: it’s private, shady and has very green view with the mountains in the far distance.
Garden noodle rolls were great for the entrĂ©e. It’s a healthy finger food, complemented with mint & lime sauce. It’s really just lots of finely diced vegetables and minced pork rolled in rice noodles. Everyone loved it!
Massaman curry for the main course worked well. I added a bit of chilli for a little heat to combat the winter breeze. This is a great dish for parties because it’s made the day before and left to simmer overnight, soaking up all the flavours. Then it’s simply a matter of serving it on a bed of rice, sitting back and gracefully accepting the applause.
Fresh strawberries, kiwifruit, and raspberries were perfect just on their own and really helped to cleanse the palette.
Closing the meal were homemade individual fruit tarts served with hot coffee and jasmine tea: a lovely combination.
I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. Dining in the winter sunshine was a delight!

It was such a success that we’ve decided to do it all again very soon. In the meantime, I’m inspired by the details of this gorgeous garden party: it’s full of ideas for throwing my next casual get-together outdoors.
via delightbydesign
A bunch of flowers, a few candles, and paper lanterns makes any party feel fabulous.
Mosquito netting and bamboo poles turn this yard into an enchanting setting for al fresco dining. It’s movie-set gorgeous – so adorable.

I bet they have a nice glow at night.

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A little corner for girlfriends


Exquisite Accessories said...

Oh looked yummy Suki glad you had a nice lunch love the images too the last two picks are my favourites :)

Arianna said...

Gorgeous post Suki, I love the images!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on my posts, I really appreciate it! Lovely blog you have here, will be coming back for more :)

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