Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

There are always discussions about graffiti. Some want it eradicated; others want to embrace a creative space for it.
Last weekend I had a chance to visit The May Lane Street Art Project at Artspace Mackay. The project began in Sydney in 2005 when Tugi Balog turned the walls of his business into an outdoor gallery space for street artists.
Here are some works from the exhibition.
Back when I was studying interior design at university, graffiti on the university walls was one of the most fun projects. It’s a great way to express yourself and draw and paint without the usual limitations. We created each work to celebrate different occasions throughout the year, and every year, the walls were washed clean again, a process that’s been going on for decades. So nowadays, I always rejoice when I see graffiti because it brings back so many memories.
These photos are of graffiti at my university that have been collected by former students over the years.
Welcome Freshies!
Decorative Arts faculty on fire

Art Thesis exhibition

Photo credits: Art of the wall by Santad Saksakorn / Decorative Arts, Mural, Silpakorn University

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