Bookshelf ideas

TarGetBooks by Mebrure Oral

crafted by Halligan Norris Smith and featured in Design*Sponge at Home

I am on the hunt for a bookcase, and for a book maniac like me, the staircase bookshelf by London-based Levitate Architects is the perfect solution.

Staircase bookshelf

Ivy Modular Room Divider
via amode
An eastern inspiration creates a stunning storage unit, which also doubles up as a room divider.


via sakurah
A bookcase CAVE provides a private reading space within its form.

Mikado bookshelf
This geometric, lacquered, wall-mounted bookshelf makes your books and CDs look as if they are floating on the wall. It looks fantastic and funky.

Shelflife by Charles Trevelyan
via mocoloco

This large shelving unit or room divider features a chair and table that can be pulled out from within the shelves.

Equation Bookshelf
{Punctuation to help you [organize (your life) in priority] order}
A good idea for setting things out…

Put the books that you’re reading or need to take with you when you go out between the {braces} and the [square brackets].
Place the books you love between the [square brackets] and set the mood with a beautiful vase or a portrait of your loved one between the central (parentheses).

One fine day, a little blue box of Tiffany might be waiting for you amongst your brackets!


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Calico Child said...

Some great book cased love the first & second image :)

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