Floating market, Part 2


I’m planning to go back to Thailand for a family reunion soon, so I thought I would show you some photos from my trip last year. The floating market at Amphawah in Samut Songkram province is one of my favorite escapes for a city break. I like to stay for a couple of nights to slow down and enjoy the traditional Thai life. For a taste of Thailand the way it was, without all the frills and fancy linen, I highly recommend staying at Come-nite-non-ni (ค่ำไหนนอนนี่ in Thai).
 Traditional Thai breakfast

A simple bed and breakfast, Come-nite-non-ni’s rooms are beautifully decorated, the rates are reasonable, Jib and Puk, who own the place, love to share their passion for the local area. And if you want something to remind you of your time there, they also make a great range of handmade souvenirs.
 Hand painted T-shirts, fisherman pants and handmade dolls 
(Photo via: Come-nite-non-ni) 

I’ve always feel connected to hand-crafted objects, the intimate connection of the art and the artist, the bringing to life of a concept – each one unique, each one the product of the hand’s skill and the heart’s eye. How can you not be charmed by the entire process?

Morning ritual: Offering Alms to Monks at the front porch
It was quite chilly this morning and a light layer of fog added an ethereal aspect to the scene.
One of the oldest and most common rituals of Buddhism is a meritorious act that also reminds us not to be greedy or selfish.

During the day: Floating market trip
I have fond memories of strolling through the narrow alleys beside the canals when I was a child: the sounds and the smells haven’t changed.
 Live portrait drawing at the floating market

In the evening:
At the end of the day, everyone heads back home, leaving the canal empty and peaceful.
 This place is so close to Bangkok – less than a two-hour drive – 
but it’s a world away.
(Photo via: Come-nite-non-ni) 

Happy memories

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