Precautions for peace of mind

Dear all Queenslanders,

We just have been through Cyclone Dylan (a Category 2 cyclone), which has now moved further inland and continues to weaken. Luckily, this one caused only minor damage.

When Cyclone Yasi, the largest and most powerful cyclone to hit Queensland in living memory, made landfall on Feb 2, 2011, it was a wake-up call for all of us to be prepared for a natural disaster.

If you live in the tropics, cyclones are going to happen. You just have to hope they’re not too big and don't cause any serious harm.

First thing: be prepared. Listen to the advice given by the emergency services. Keep phones and laptops charged. Fuel up your vehicles. Have an escape plan. Keep important items nearby in case you need to evacuate. Check and update the contents of your emergency kit regularly.

I’ve put together an emergency checklist which you can modify for your own use. Feel free to download it and share it.

Stay safe everyone.

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