Style Canvas: find a perfect sofa

Can you help us find a sofa we can agree on?
My husband and I just bought our first home. The living room is white and is open to the kitchen. We are going for a modern style and like to entertain friends at home.

Styling advice
If you spend a lot of time in the living room, I recommend a flexible sofa with deep seating for a comfortable stylish look. This design is accessible and easily personalised.

Here are some sofas we love:
Timber shelves create a lounge with storage for books, beverages or decorative displays. 
Optional pockets on the arms and backs can be accessorised with practical items such as swivel tables. 
Pockets are also useful for neatly storing remote controls, magazines and electronic devices.
By King Furniture 
A slim structure and deep seat cushions for a more elegant look. 
A flat, minimal design, with a spacious chaise for exquisite comfort.
By Domayne

Designer tips:
#Tip 1:
Choose a sofa that’s long enough for a nap in case your friends stay over.
#Tip 2:
Choose flexible armrests that can be moved from left to right or removed entirely.
#Tip 3:
Look for optional accessories on the arms and backs for convenient storage such as tables or pockets.
#Tip 4:
If the budget allows, think about integrated control technology for relaxation at your fingertips.
#Tip 5:
Cut a paper template the size of the sofa you have your eye on, place it on the floor, and see how it looks before you buy. 
#Tip 6:
Large, flat arms provide optional seating for guests to join the conversation if the sofa is full.
#Tip 7:
Many modern sofas are too low to be practical. When a woman sits down on a low sofa, she has trouble keeping her legs together. And older people may have trouble getting up. The absolute minimum seat height is 600mm (20”).
#Tip 8:
In a room with a high ceiling, go for a high-backed sofa that’s proportionate to the room.
#Tip 9:
Avoid big patterns or trendy colours for large upholstered pieces. Leave any hot colours and pattern to throw pillows, which can be easily changed if you want to update the look and feel of the room.
#Tip 10:
Tufting details might look elegant but they collect crumbs, so avoid them unless you never eat on the couch.

Have a question about styling? Send us yours with a photo or two attached (questions with photos get answered first).

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