+ Sydney trip

I went to Sydney.
I did lots of fun things...
I saw heaps of good stuff...

The weather was fantastic and I spent a brilliant afternoon with Claude Monet at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. (The exhibition is on loan from the Boston Museum of Fine Art)
...pure bliss....

@ The Art Gallery of New South Wales.
A long, long queue to buy Monet tickets
but finally … I got them.

It was a good chance to see the world’s most famous and most loved Impressionist paintings, including Monet’s Water lilies, Haystacks, Rouen Cathedral, etc.

The perennial favorite, of course, is his Waterlily series, which preoccupied him for more than 20 years.

Monet challenged landscape painting traditions and developed techniques that went beyond merely representing light to generating it within a painting.

Monet used his canvas like a palette, layering separate colours directly on his paintings rather than mixing them beforehand.

Brushstrokes of various directions and sizes depict different elements in his picture, and add texture.

All the paintings are on loan so photography is forbidden. Instead, I grabbed some postcards of the ones I liked the most for my inspiration.

More about

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tasty art around the gallery
It would be nice to have a living room like this one.

Darling Harbour comes alive
with the Sydney Festival 2009

Catching a ferry to
the Opera House

Taking a walk on the Opera House roof

Sydney street fashion

Found some inspiration

Sunset at Darling Harbour

Saying goodbye to Sydney at
the top of Sydney Tower



Sonia said...

I like the logo of the salon!

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Louise said...

What an inspiring website! I want to spend all day in here. I need to get out and look at the world like you do! Lu

ST. said...

Hi Louise,
Thanks a lot for your comment. You always rock my world !!! ^_^

Holly Southward said...

Hi, I love your web site and already have some interior hints which i will use in my home. look forward to reading your weekly updates.

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