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I’m off to Brisbane for a bit of a vacation, a bit of research and of course, a bit of shopping.
The art of packing for a vacation is try and pack everything very efficiently so it all fits inside my suitcase.
While I’m gathering things for packing, my husband walked by, took one look at everything and said, “are we moving?”
I’m actually a notorious overpacker so to avoid that I have to plan out the outfits in advance.
As we sweat through the hottest winter in a 100 years, So I need summer wear, sun cream, a hat and a good scent.

Plus Plus Feminine by Diesel, I love the smell of this one. It smells almost identical to Emporio Armani Lei with similar notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, milk and vanilla. It is suitable for both day and night. Its mainly fresh like a cold morning; a clean and modern smell. It’s delightful, very pleasant on my skin. I chose it to help me battle with the heat in Brisbane.

On the plane, I will wear blue pants with a sweet top and a tank top to add just a spot of color underneath it all. Pairing two (or more) necklaces adds a funky (not too tailored) and chic note to the ensemble.

Inside the bag will be reading material, lip-gloss and press powder. I’d like to arrive looking chic and feeling refreshed. And if not, I will hide behind these chill sunglasses!

Day 2 museum and exhibition; I've found myself in love with with bohemian-influenced design with crisp chic accents and a simple stud pearl earrings. With a cute updo, some smokey eye makeup, a pair of heels and a diamond & pearl brooch with a dangling diamond earlings.
I could easily wear this out for a candle-lit dinner as well!

Day 3 shopping and sight seeing; this outfit is for browsing through shops and around town followed by a trip to the local café for a cuppa and a slice of yummy cake! Flats are a must.

Day 4 back home
This slouchy sheer top looks great paired with pale cream pants with neutral palette make-up for simple yet pulled-together look.

Of course, I can’t forget a camera. The iphone will be good for a quick snaps and the chunky Nikon for professional looking photos.
Missing in the photo is the iphone3Gs, which I'm still trying to source in Brisbane. No luck so far. I might have to buy it online after all.

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Exquisite Accessories said...

Have a great time in Brisbane, enjoy the shops, hope you come home with some nice things!! :)

Elisa...life as we know it. said...

Have a great time, I love your fashion picks!
That perfume sounds wonderful, I am going to look out for it...I'd love to smell it. I think it would suit me too.

Sukanya said...

Elaine, Shopping in Brisbane is not as fun as shopping in London. And there is no MAC shop in Brisbane -really dispointed! for a MAC addict like me.

Sukanya said...

I hope you'd like the perfume. I love it even the lasting power is not so great. It's last about half a day on me. But it's give me a fresh morning and reasonable price, it's a plus ^_^

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