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Having romance in your life makes your heart swell; it bonds you with your lover and gives the whole world a pearly glow.

With lots of love
These tiny felt hearts are ideal to give to friends and coworkers. They’re quick and easy to make and a lovely thought on Valentine’s Day.

How -> purlbee.com

d├ęcor at home
Lighting sets the mood and for romance, candles are unbeatable. Scattered everywhere, candles provide the necessary magic.
Colour is also important. Pink is associated with love and health and brings a sudden softness to a room. Try these strawberry tea lights and a pink sapphire bowl candle.
Add an accent
With these soft felt rose cushions for a romantic look.
Long distance love

Send a cute, easy-to-make
personalized envelope to your loved one.

After all
Add a little glam! Retro makeup gives a classic look ideal for an unforgettable night.
smokey eye makeup

Absolutely feminine

Fall in love with this unique lingerie.
These beautifully made silk pieces offer a seductively elegant modern design.
Just too sexy for words!
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Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

I love the pink bowl candle..although a little out my price range!
The make-up tips are good, I am going out tomorrow night as it was easier to get a babysitter for the 13th than the 14th and I am going to use those sexy sulty eye make idea's!

ST. said...

Hi Elisa,
You can wrap around the bowl candle useing pink tissue paper. It will give you a similar mood in a budget range -I use this tip, too !it works!! :) I will have the make up and the hair style for the 13th as well. So enjoy and have fun.

Happy Valentines's day,

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