Guestroom mini-makeover

My mom has come to stay with me for six months so the pressure was on to turn my spare room into a cozy haven.
The key to minimizing credit-card damage is to update, rotate and hunt for a bargain. Almost everything in the room was bought at garage sales and the furniture cost around $220 all up.
The bed also acts as a sofa and the lightweight throw is good for afternoon naps. I also added two big cushions to work as a headboard with small cushions to prop up the head when reading. The curtains are a similar tone to the walls to increase the sense of spaciousness. The floor lamp is placed between the bed and the desk, and can swing between the two.
Special touch
I turned an old wooden cutlery box into a welcome gift filled with photos of our family and placed it on a bedside table. I’m really pleased with the result. It’s a very personal gift and a lovely addition to the room. As good as it gets!
One advantage of this room is its south-facing aspect, so it doesn’t get the afternoon sun. Instead, it enjoys wonderful tree-filtered light all day.
The only brand-new addition to the room is this custom ceiling light. It fills the room with a warm glow and its soft light is reflected everywhere. It’s a little touch of glamour in a softly feminine interior.
Dressing area
With the addition of a few recycled jars for storage, floral-patterned cloth linings in the drawers and a vase of fresh flowers, the room offers the welcoming ambiance of a boutique hotel.
A carafe of water, fresh towels and toiletries, a laundry basket and plenty to read.
Spoil mom
Scented candles fill the room with a subtle fragrance; a shaggy rug to keep cold feet warm and a straw hat for walking along the beach just two minutes from the front door.
The beach just two minutes from the front door.
View from the front veranda
We tried very hard to create a space that would make her feel at home, but most of all, a place where she can express herself and call her own.


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