Part2- Floating market

The most famous floating market in Thailand is Damnoen Saduak. Unfortunately, because of its enormous popularity and the sheer number of tourists it attracts, it is gradually losing its feeling of authenticity.
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Amphawa floating market is a much better alternative. It offers a taste of traditional Thai life without having to venture too far from the city. Amphawa is a 90 minute drive from Bangkok in Samut Songkram province. It’s predominantly for Thais so you’ll find real Thai prices, not tourist prices, so you can leave your bargaining skills at home.
The market operates from Friday to Sunday, starting around 1pm, with most of the stalls open by 4pm. The best time to arrive is between 1pm and 2pm before it gets crowded.
There are restored shops and old houses, still inhabited by their original owners, who use small boats to sell food and locally made products. Amphawa retains the feeling and character of a traditional floating market.
In the evening, take a boat ride to witness the beautiful spectacle of hundreds of fireflies glowing in the dusk and enjoy the local way of life. Be sure to bring some snacks and a drink, as the trip takes about an hour. Tours run every half-hour from 6:30pm to 9pm. You can arrange a tour directly at the pier (B600 for a boat) or through your hotel (around B60 per person).
Don’t forget to bring your camera, as it’s a lively, colorful scene down here. You'll get fabulous photos, have a fun time, and buy some cool stuff at great prices.

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