Part3- Vimanmek

Vimanmek Mansion "The Palace in the Clouds" is the largest golden teak wood building in the world. It’s constructed entirely of teak without the use of a single nail. Built in a Victorian colonial design, it's a gorgeous example of traditional workmanship and it’s wonderfully preserved. Teak was once plentiful in Thailand and the rich would construct entire houses with it. Nowadays, teak logging is illegal in the kingdom.
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The enormous "L" shaped structure contains some 81 rooms, with 30 or so open to the public. If you wish to walk through the mansion – and believe me, you do – you have to join a tour.
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An hour-long tour will take you through the mansion, showing you all the rooms, the many fine antiques, other items of personal significance to the royal family, as well as many original photographs of the royal family and gifts from other royals from around the world.

Cultural shows are also presented in the mansion compound every day at 10.30 and 14.00 hrs
The whole compound is huge. You can easily spend at least half a day wandering around the park-like compound.
Before entering the mansion itself, you have to leave all your belongings and your shoes in a coin-operated locker (30 Baht) and no cameras are allowed inside.
The palace cat, Siamese cat

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