blooming day

Hello everyone. I just had to pop back in to say hi and to check out a few of my favourite blogs. I've been having the most wonderful, restful holiday with my family in Thailand. So I will be taking a few weeks away from the blog until I get back on the 18th March.

While I’m having a blogging break, I wanted to leave you with lovely blooms and a chance to win one of your favourite piece!

Have a lovely blooming day!
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Thilli Blooms presents handmade flowers. Each blossom is created from chiffon scraps that would otherwise be discarded. Thili has built a relationship with a local fabric store who save their offcuts for her, making Thili's unique pieces as green as they are gorgeous. Stick them on your fridge, on cushions, clothes, hats, or whatever takes your fancy, or bring them to life with a sprinkle of your favourite essential oil. They’re the perfect finishing touch for a bride or for those just dashing out of the door to a cocktail party.
So, I'm super-excited to announce that Thili has agreed to create a fabulous individual piece for one lucky reader of Fantabulous Design!

For your chance to win:
* Leave a comment in this post mentioning your favourite piece.
* Become a follower and get another chance to win – make sure you tell me in your comment.
*For a third chance to win, mention our giveaway on Facebook and include a link to our page, or post on your blog and include a link to our page. Don’t forget to send me the link.
* Please be sure to include your first name plus a VALID email address when commenting.
* The closing date for entries is Monday, March 22, 2010. The winner will be chosen at random and announced here on Wednesday, March 23, 2010.

* Best of luck to you all! *
A big thanks to Thili for providing such a great giveaway prize! Thili’s products will be available for purchase in her etsy shop soon. Also, make sure to check out her blog, buy some beautiful blooms and get chic before anyone else.

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Exquisite Accessories said...

What gorgeous flowers Thilie has made I went to have a look at her blog! from stem cell research to flower making bazzar!! But hey she has a talent so why not!
Enjoy your holiday Suki

Rachel Follett said...

Beautiful! Have a wonderful vacation!

Camile said...

It's really pretty and unique!
congrats and good luck Thili!

Mary Jane, NY, USA said...

Very talented young woman, it's lovely to find other woman that have family, career, and talent enough to do lots of things with such love...
Congrats, this is absolutely lovely.
God bless you , your work and your family.

Anonymous said...

I like number 3 the most. said...

I like number 2 and number 3. I can't choose! :-) Thamks for the opportunity...and I'm a follower!

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