Overcharging … what’s wrong with that?

I just quoted my client less than $100 for redesigning a logo. I base my quotes on actual costs, billable hours, and the complexity of the work. I try to offer quality services at affordable rates.

But my jaw dropped to the ground when read this in the Daily Mail the following day:

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband paid a design consultant £80,000 to change the font on the Foreign Office logo. Nice work if you can get it!

"The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has spent tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on a new logo – which is almost identical to the previous design."
Spot the difference: The old logo vs. the new logo

How do people get away with charging rates like this, especially when the services aren’t anything special?
Tripling (or in this case quadrillioning) your rates based on your client’s ability to pay is hardly an ethical business practice.

When you buy your groceries, they don’t charge you more because you earn more than the guy behind you.
If the Queen rang us (fingers crossed) and asked for our services, she would get the same rate as the guy next door.
It’s simply business integrity.

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