Spicy citrus

I have a crush on orange: all those rich, fruity accents. It’s a dynamic and fresh hue, whether on a piece of jewellery, a simple dress or on a statement furniture piece – anything in orange will delight the eye.
As it's such a strong colour, all you need is a dash here or there or, when black is anywhere in the vicinity, simply add some orange detail.

daybed by Fantabulous design / cocktail via flickr /
Fashion design via creativeinfluences / reading nook via apartment therapy

Even in a calming reading nook, a dash of orange gives life to the environment.

These signature orange Hermes boxes are gorgeous but even empty ones can be expensive on eBay. It’s rumoured that a customer bought a set of Hermes china just so they could display the boxes around the house, but really, any orange boxes will do – it’s still a great look
image via livingetc
There's something about this colour that is just so warm and welcoming … it really draws you in.

image via creamylife
In combination with grey and earth tones it’s a fashion triumph.
image via ilvoelv


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