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Singapore-based Aerorich was growing so fast that they decided it was time for a complete redesign of their corporate identity. They were extremely pleased with how their new logo turned out with our design process.

Here are some tips we suggested to Aerorich that you can apply to your logo.

The logo is always set in the same style and uses specific kerning, spacing and a defined colour palette.
- Do not add colours to the palette
This will change the overall complexion and dilute the palette’s effectiveness.
- Clear space
The logo must always be positioned with a cushion of clear space around it that is free of any visual elements to prevent the logo from being crowded, cluttered or inappropriately positioned too close to edges.
- A simple way to determine clear space
Minimum clear space = ½ height of name
Imagine a rectangular border around the logo that is ½ the logo-height away from any other element.
- Protecting your logo
The logo should never be obscured or crowded by other elements and it should never be squeezed or otherwise distorted. Nothing should be placed on top of the logo. (see sample A)


Custom signage

When the logo is displayed for the purpose of signage it is permissible to consider an arrangement other than the standard or alternative logo signatures. Note that the positioning and size of the logo may be altered but not the font style.
Bleeding the logo to the edge of a surface.
The logo may at times be used as a dramatic design element such as for signage or display purposes. In these cases it is permissible to allow the logo to kiss or slightly bleed off the edge of a surface.

This light pole banner is an example of display signage that uses the exceptions rules.


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