Royal wedding theme

With the enormous enthusiasm for the Royal Wedding, it seems like lots of people have recently rediscovered a soft spot for fairy tales. It’s enchanting!
Along with the wedding, there seems to be a trend towards all things British at the moment.

All of this is to say that we can probably expect to see a sudden rise in popularity of the classic English look with some modern twists. I thought I’d share some British-inspired design to mark the occasion.
Forget the palace; you can spruce up your place so you will feel like a princess. I still have fond memories of living in an old flat in London. It’s all about being comfortable with your taste and combining styles to reflect your personality.

Photo credits: armchairs / Dining & Bathroom / English tea / flowers & Bathroom Accessories / Union Jack cushion

photo credit: Hallway

photo credit: janconstantine

An eclectic mix of treasures
photo credits: designspongeonline / housetohome

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Tesca said...

Hi Suki,
yeah! I'm also a big fan off all nice things british... Wasn't the weeding lovely? Could have been a bit more romantic, but well, that's british understatement, right?
x. Tesca

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Hi Tesca, I can't get enough of the royal wedding and all things British. I might have been a Brit in my last life :P


oh I love this style!
follow my blog, I just started:)

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