Styling job: Quick tips for visual merchandising

I have just finished creating the new window displays for the jewellery shop. It’s so much fun because the owner has such beautiful things to begin with!
And I was given the freedom to select the pieces and create a harmonious display to catch the attention of passers-by. But visual merchandising does more than simply attract attention. Getting shoppers through the door is one thing; inspiring them to stay (and buy) is what commercial design is all about.

Quick tips for visual merchandising

- Updating a window display doesn’t have to mean a major renovation; simply re-arranging things once in a while injects new life and energy into the shop. And is likely to boost sales!
- Be open to different ways of doing things
– like turning merchandise upside down or placing it in an unexpected location. It’s amazing how the most subtle change can have that ‘wow’ effect!
- Colour co-ordination
Effective colour co-ordination can be a real challenge when you’re combining a range of tones and hues from hundreds of different items. Most important are balance and proportion. One colour should dominate about 60 percent, the second about 30 percent, and finally, 10 percent of accent colour, sometimes in one bold stroke! But remember, even the smallest splash can snare the attention, so never underestimate the power of colour.



Che' Hooper said...

What a great post Suki! I have always been interested in styling.. I drool when I walk past those gorgeous window displays. Well done! :)

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Thanks Che',
Window displays are one of my favorite thing to do. And drooling over other windows are like a desert tray to me.

Tesca said...

Wow Suki, what great styling pics and thanks so much for the helpful tips, loved them!
x. Tesca

Suki@Fantabulous Design said...

Thanks Tesca. And please stay tune, some more tips coming soon. ^_^

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