A modern-day fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a big city. She was a pretty normal girl and did all the normal stuff that other girls did, and eventually, like all little girls, she grew up and became a young woman, who found herself a husband and settled down.
As it turns out, she and her husband lived happily ever after, and spend most of their free time at home with each other, especially on Valentine’s Day.
Valentines Day
With the season of love fast approaching, you can write your own fairy tale and set the scene to celebrate with your loved one.
This year, I won't be home for Valentine's, I will be in Singapore on business and my hubby will be home alone...
So I decided to create an inexpensive Valentine's Day display board to remind him of our special memories.
Here are some creative ideas to love-up your home.

A big empty picture frame is the focal point of the display. The background is a message that I had printed out to the same size as the frame (800mm. x 1130mm.) for only $4.50 at our local print shop. You can use any message your heart desires.

I punched out the hearts from old colour samples and stuck them on wooden clothes pegs, which I hung from a narrow ribbon strung across the frame. Then I clipped photos from each year of our marriage into the pegs. This is a simple idea that is very easy to do, yet offers a very personal feel and brings back all memories that we share.

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Calico Child said...

hope you had a nice valentine Suki :) x

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