New year's resolution 2012: A prescription for beginning

Throughout the years, one of the most common questions I get is...

"Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a designer?"

People in the design business often get into it because we love it. But it takes a while to find your style, no matter how talented you are. This is a truism that applies not only to design but to any other achievement in life — you won’t realize your potential unless you grind through the failures.
So if you are working on New Year’s resolutions, the most important thing is doing the work. Set deadlines, so that every week you finish one thing. It’ll take a while to find your groove; you’ve just got to fight your way through.

Top 10 tips for beginners

1. Go to a design school
2. Get design training
3. Keep sketch books
4. Be self-motivated
5. Assist a professional
6. Acquire a good sense of colour, texture and design. Learn to select the ones that create a harmonious and balanced look.
7. Have a sense of humor
8. Read design magazines
9. There is no secret to success; it’s just hard work and observation.
10. Believe in your dream


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