A list that could save you thousands

Among the assortment of resolutions most people start at this time of year is an important task that’s often overlooked:

Reviewing your household inventory 

This document should contain all the details of any valuables or expensive consumer goods on your property, including serial numbers and photographs where applicable. We recommend reviewing and updating this list every year, and after Christmas is the best possible time. Treat it like your taxes and get it done.

You never know when disaster may strike, so get prepared now and enjoy peace of mind for the whole year. Take some time to photograph your personal possessions, and compile a thorough list of what everything is worth, descriptions, purchase dates; even photocopies of the receipt can be useful. Then store this information in a waterproof and fireproof safe, along with your other important documents. You can also store it online so you can access it from anywhere. 

If you don’t have an inventory, start one today by sign up to get a free checklist send it to your inbox. 

We hope your new year is off to a great start and we look forward to sharing it with you, wherever you are. 

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Ilze said...

Hi Suki. Great post. I do this regularly - well, forced to do since we move overseas.....and after having lost everything in storage due to a fire, while we had our first expat assignment.
I take photos of EVERY SINGLE item and carry that with me - but now that I have moved in.....and when I arrived here in HK a typhoon struck and some containers fell into the sea....thank God not mine ??!!!! I felt at peace having the photo inventory thous....but now I sit with the photos of the household items IN the house itself ...... that doesnt' help, right??? This while I have a draft for a blogpost about all this in my draft folder...
So - your post is a big reminder to me !!! I still need to get my photos "offsite" !!

Suki said...

Ilze, Sorry to hear about your lost in the fire. I started the list when I moved to UK. then to Australia and now I've traveled every year. So I store the list online and felt at peace that I'll have an appropriate document to prove when I need it. Also we have severe storms every year in Queensland, Aus. That's a big concern for me too.

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