9-day vegan challenge - Day 3

Vegetarian festival: 24 September - 02 October 2014 
Who's taking the 9-day vegetarian challenge with us? 
A vegan diet for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and merit-making. 

Day 3: Noodle rolls (Kuay-Tiew-Lord) 
Thai-style noodle rolls are super easy and quick to make!
Prep Time 30 mins / Serves 2

1. Rice paper
2. 1 cup of bean sprouts
3. 1/2 cup of finely shredded cabbage
4. 1/2 cup of cucumber (julienne)
5. 2 tbsp. garlic (smashed)
6. 1 1/2 tbsp. brown sugar
7. 1 tbsp. soy sauce 
8. 375 g firm tofu
9. 1/2 cup dried shiitake mushrooms
10. 2 tbsp. black soy sauce
11. 1 tbsp. sweet radish (optional)
12. Pepper
13. Fried garlic
14. Coriander

- soak dried shiitake mushrooms in boiling water for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and remove the tough stems. Discard the stems and slice the mushrooms.
- Boil water and cook the cabbage for 3 minutes. Wash in cold water to halt the cooking and drain well.
- Boil water and cook the bean sprouts for 1 minute. Wash in cold water to halt the cooking and drain well.

- Heat oil in a wok, add garlic, stir-fry for 1 minute or until garlic is fragrant. Add sliced mushrooms: stir-fry for 2 mins and add 1/2 - 1 cup of water. Season with soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and sugar.
Stew for 10 minutes, then add tofu. Stew for about 10 more minutes.

- Place rice paper in a medium bowl of lukewarm water for 15 seconds or until just soft then place on a clean tea towel. Arrange bean sprouts, cabbage and cucumber along one side of rice paper. Fold ends in and roll up firmly to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining rice paper and filling. 

- Serving suggestion. Drizzle stewed ingredients on top of rolls, then sprinkle grated radish, coriander, fried garlic and pepper to taste.

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