9-day vegan challenge - Day-4

Vegetarian festival: 24 September - 02 October 2014 
Who's taking the 9-day vegetarian challenge with us?
A vegan diet for the purposes of spiritual cleansing and merit-making.

Day 4: Healthy omelette crepe
This recipe for a lacy thin crepe—filled with tofu and fresh herbs. Eat well, and enjoy the taste sensations this weekend!

Serve 1, prep 15 mins, cook 10 mins
1 egg
1/4 cups water
pinch of salt and pepper
vegetable oil

1 cup tofu
1 cup beansprouts
1/2 cup onion, sliced
1 cup cucumber, diced          
1 bunch spring onions (scallions), chopped 
Mint, basil and coriander leaves, to serve

Sweet and sour sauce
1/3 cup vinegar
1 1/2 tbsp water
3 tbsp caster sugar 
1 long fresh red chilli, halved, deseeded, finely chopped
2-3 tbsp of sliced cucumber
1 bunch spring onions (scallions), finely chopped

To make the sauce, combine all ingredients in a small bowl. Stir until sugar dissolves. Just before serving, pour the sauce over the vegetables and sprinkle with chopped coriander.

-Blanch the beansprouts in boiling water.
-In a frying pan, heat just enough oil to cover the pan (tip off excess). Stir-fry the onion and tofu for a couple of minutes until golden. Set aside. 
-In a large bowl, whisk eggs and water until well combine. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
-Pour a cup full of egg mixture into the pan. Swirl the pan so that the mixture spreads thinly. When the egg begins to crisp around the edge, add a spoonful of beansprouts, tofu and onion. 

-Fold one half of the crepe over the ingredients and slip onto serving plate. Serve with fresh herbs and the sweet and sour sauce to taste.

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